Switek is engaged in researching into, developing and manufacturing mechanical arms in daily products, car, electric home appliance, packing, electron industries etc. We offer custom-made automation solution plans. In the past developments, Switek comprehensively absorbs the superior clients’ experience both at home and abroad. From manufacturing mechanical arm to application of special control system, development of mechanical arm and interface equipment, to assisting the customers, designing and planning automatic production, Switek always creates great value for vast clients. We also supply the sustainable service and maintenance. Through continuously innovating upon the automation field and deepening double-win relationship between various partners, Switek is most willing to jointly bring about a bright future with infinite vigor with extensive creators.

Following the constant development and expansion of our company, we believe that we can fulfill and even surpass the clients’ wishes in every step forward. We focus upon continuously improving our products, technology and service. We keep enlarging the investment in automation technology field. We give a full use of current rich product combination in automation field. According to the clients’ actual needs, we offer the effective, stable and reliable mechanical arms. We provide the most proper all-round automatic solution plans. We truly create great values for vast customers.


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Switek is a modern high-tech enterprise. It specializes in researching into, developing machine hands in daily products, automobile, electric home appliance, packing, communication industries. We offer custom-made automation solution plans. In past developments, Switek comprehensively absorbs the superior customer experiences both at home and abroad.


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