IML in-mold labeling technology  |

Nowadays in south China, MILACRON plastic injection machine joins hands with Switek to further enhance the production efficiency of domestic IML plastic injection system. Compared with previous scattered purchase of the clients, Switek in-mold labeling system gives a full play of production efficiency of high performance plastic injection machine

NO.1 Compared with production 1 of 4 milk shake cap, original IML full-cycle is 6 second, while that of MILACRON is 5.1 second. It enhances over 13% of production efficiency.

NO.2Original systematic label dropping rate is 1%. Matching with Switek in-mold labeling system, it reduces 2‰

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IML  |

It solves the traditional difficulty of glue iron integration product (mobile frame) metal insert. Through Switek high-tech mechanical arm, it overcomes insufficient accuracy, stability in original technology. Later, it may enjoy automatic technical upgrading

NO.1Secondary shaping of plastic cement product

NO.2Accurate and automatic insertion of small metal parts

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R & D of quick machine  |

As for thin snack box manufacturer, added value is always low, quantity is big. Following annual increase of labor cycle and cost, the enterprises face more and more management pressure. Switek quick machine system revolutionarily changes from originally 6, 8 or even 20-30 second to super quick 3.5-4.5 second. It greatly changes production operation system. Automatic mechanical arm ensures 24-hour operation a day. It further creates maximum value for you!

NO.1Quick machine automation system

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Miniature product collection technology  |

Switek mechanical arm is open and flexible. It solves difficult fetch of traditional 6*8 watch part miniature product. It applies central collection system with 1-mold 16-hole fetch. They are individually separated into containers. Production cycle turns from originally 24S manual fetch to currently quickest cycle of 6S. On the basis of guaranteeing the product quality, it largely enhances the productivity

NO.1Miniature work-piece

NO.2Central control management

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